September Testimonials

Welcome to this month’s installment of testimonials! Usually, we post testimonials every month that we have received online through sites like Yelp, Google +, or Angie’s List. These kinds of reviews boost Ridgewood Moving Services’ (Ridgewood Moving’s) rating, which helps spread the word about our company. However, we also receive very thoughtful personal messages that are sent to either our staff members or CEO Cindy Myer personally.

This month, we received a very thoughtful message that was addressed to Cindy from Monica Smith. Monica is the founder of the award winning marketing firm Marketsmith, Inc. and she raved to Cindy personally when she was finished moving with her family. As a woman leader herself, she was able to recognize the hard work and dedication that Cindy has put into making Ridgewood Moving Services a successful company. Monica’s letter shows that she is a true raving fan and we would love to share what she had to say with you:


I know we have never met but I wanted to thank you for the incredible work your company and staff has done for me and my family.

It was a team of extraordinary gentlemen at every point.

You should be very proud of the company you have built.

Have a great weekend and thank you again.


Photo Credit: Carl Cox

Photo Credit: Carl Cox

Wow, thank you so much Monica! Everyone from Ridgewood Moving Services appreciates your amazing feedback. It’s people like Monica that inspire us to work hard and be the best moving company for our wonderful clients. We love working because of the people in this business, which is why we’ve been around for almost 50 years!

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Donate School Supplies to the Center for Hope and Safety

Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) supports the nonprofit organization called the Center of Hope and Safety (previously Shelter Our Sisters), which fights domestic violence by rehabilitating victims that need help. We have always viewed its mission as inspiring, which is why we continue to support the organization to this day.

With the summer ending, school is almost back in session. However, not everyone is properly equipped with the right school supplies for class! There are plenty of children at the Center for Hope and Safety that need access to items like book bags, notebooks, and pencils. That’s why they need your help! Please take some time to review the list below and see what kind of supplies are needed:

Center for Hope and Safety Back to School Supply Drive Wish List

  • New book bags
  • New lunch boxes
  • 3 ring binders
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Pocket folders
  • Composition notebooks
  • Multi-subject notebooks
  • Glue sticks *highlighters
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • USB drives
  • Graphing & regular calculators
  • Pencil cases
  • Index cards
  • Rulers
  • Erasers
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Binder dividers
  • Spanish-English Dictionaries
  • Gift Cards for Back to School Clothing & Shoes

Center for Hope and Safety

If you have any of these or are willing to buy some items, then please make a donation to the Center for Hope and Safety. Donations are being accepted until August 21, 2015 at the organization’s Rochelle Park location from 9am-5pm on Monday through Friday. If you need more information, please visit the Center for Hope and Safety’s website here or contact Caitlin Byrne at Even small donations help and can make a difference in a child’s life! If you need help getting to the office, please use the following address:

Administrative Office:
12 Overlook Ave., Ste. A
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

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Support Move For Hunger at the Truck Pull Event

One of the many nonprofit organizations we support at Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) is called Move For Hunger. We help collect nonperishable food items that were donated by our clients and give them to Move For Hunger, which helps distribute it to families that need food! We believe that they support a fantastic cause, which is why we’ve always been one of their earliest supporters.

Move for Hunger runs on donations from people that are fighting to end world hunger. As a result, it will often throw events to spread awareness about its campaign. The latest event is the Second Annual Truck Pull, where participants literally pull trucks in a tug of war fashion to raise money for the organization. Even if you aren’t participating, the event’s premise alone is worth watching on the sidelines. Here’s some more information from Move For Hunger’s official blog post:

Truck Pull

On Sunday, September 13, 2015, Move For Hunger will be back at The Headliner in Neptune, NJ for our SECOND ANNUAL TRUCK PULL.

Last year, our community raised close to $9,000 to fight hunger at the first annual Move For Hunger Truck Pull. Over 300 participants came together to pull for hunger with a fun day of prizes, vendors, awards, food and drink specials. Once again, Move For Hunger will be inviting teams of five to ten to pull a moving truck in a friendly tug-of-war style competition. You too can be a part of the festivities this year by joining us a sponsor.

Ready to pull for hunger? Then join the event! There will be competitions all day from two to eight, so don’t miss out! If you would like to see the full, original post then please click here. You can also learn more about Move For Hunger by visiting its homepage here.

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August Testimonials

Welcome to this month’s installment of testimonials! When we receive an excess of positive testimonials in a month, we highlight some of our biggest raving fans. We rely on our fans to spread the word about Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers), so thank you to everyone that contributed for this month’s post!

Our first two posts come from our Yelp page! Much like our June testimonials post, these reviews have been deemed as “unrecommended” reviews by the site despite being legitimate in their own right. As a result, I wanted to call attention to these great reviews from our raving fans. If you would like to write a Yelp review, please check out our page here. Here’s what our clients are saying about our company:

Scott L.

I have used them multiple times over the years.  At this point, I don’t even call another company.  They are on time, on budget, and their crew is polite, professional, and nice to deal with. While going up the stairs to my apartment, they had to open up a neighbor’s door to get them a little more space and a better angle to get up the stairs. First they got permission. They were well aware of my neighbor’s cat and made sure it did not get out while they had the door open. Just those little above and beyond things that set them apart! I would highly recommend them.

R B.

Their movers showed up early on my moving day and worked quickly, efficiently, and right in line with their estimate. They took great care with my furniture and I can honestly say, did not make a scratch or break a light bulb.

Also, I was moving into a storage facility where I was nervous that I’d be tight on space, but they filled 10×15 feet of storage space with expert precision.

The Movers

Not only do we get testimonials on standard review sites, we also regularly find raving fans commenting on our social media pages! For example, we recently had Debbie R review us on our Facebook page, who left a wonderful message about her moving experience. You can review us on Facebook too by clicking here.

Debbie R

Cindy and her team are honest, professional and a pleasure to work with. I am so pleased with the service and the experience that they provided both during my move out of Bergen County six years ago, and my move back to Bergen County in May.

Thank you to Cindy and the entire team at Ridgewood Moving Services for making my recent move such a breeze! This is the second time I have worked with your team, and I could not be more satisfied!

Our last testimonials come directly from Dee Adamson, a new Ridgewood Moving Services employee that had the pleasure of speaking to David and George, two recent clients. Check out what Dee heard from them after their respective moves:

I spoke with nice David M about his move yesterday. His crew was Rodney, Abe, Delio, Joe, and Alex and he described their work as awesome! He cannot get over how well things went because he was very nervous. He will highly recommend Ridgewood Moving Services to all.

George K also called. He moved on July 7 and his crew was Alkazar, Russell, and Paris. He was raving about the crew: not only did he mention that they did an excellent job, he also talked about how polite and personable they were. He has a few relatives moving and he will let them know that he would never consider using another mover. I told both that we appreciate the kind words!

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Elaine Meyerson From the Center for Hope and Safety Receives NCJW Award

Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) has always been a huge supporter of the nonprofit organization called the Center of Hope and Safety (previously Shelter Our Sisters). For those that are unaware, the Center for Hope and Safety fights domestic violence by rehabilitating victims and giving them access to a 24-hour hotline for immediate help. Because the organization provides a great service for our local community, we always celebrate its accomplishments over time.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that the Center for Hope and Safety’s Executive Director, Elaine K. Meyerson, received the Hannah G. Solomon Award from the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) of Bergen County! Out of the 39 years that the organization has existed, Elaine has passionately held her position for 29 years. Naturally, she has done everything in her power to make the Center for Hope and Safety successful and her efforts are being recognized in this award. Below are all of the qualifications that Elaine met with her accomplishments, courtesy of the Center for Hope and Safety’s website:

  • An individual who is known for her/his interest, activity and stand on vital issues that are important to NCJW and has helped translate them into community programs.
  • An individual who has made known and stimulated interest and action in unmet needs at the grass roots level and brought about important community services.
  • Someone who is a catalyst for social change.


Elaine accepted the award on June 9, 2015. When she was interviewed by the Center of Hope and Safety about this accomplishment, she took a moment to reflect on the impact the organization has had on the community.

“I am proud of the difference we have made in the lives of thousands of families,” she said, “and I am heartened by the success stories of all the former clients who thank us for helping them rebuild their lives.”

From everyone at Ridgewood Moving Services, we congratulate Elaine for this momentous occasion! Thank you for the amazing community service that you’ve provided for us at the Center for Hope and Safety. If you want to learn more about Elaine, the NCJW award, or the organization itself, head over to the Center for Hope and Safety’s website. You can also learn about NCJW itself by visiting its website as well. Thanks for reading everyone!

Interview: CEO Cindy Myer Featured on The Record

If you know about Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving), then you know the amazing backstory behind our CEO, Cindy Myer. When her husband, Rob Myer, passed away, Cindy stepped up as a new leader for Ridgewood Moving Services despite knowing nothing about managing a moving company initially. Now, she continues to bring the company to new heights and does a fantastic job of carrying the Ridgewood Moving Services’ legacy.

Cindy recently opened up to The Record about her experiences as a CEO after this sudden turn of events. We posted the full interview below, which gives an in-depth look at Cindy’s powerful story as a woman leader in a male dominated industry. If you would like to see the full article, you can read it online on The Record’s website. Without further ado, here’s Cindy’s interview about becoming the CEO of Ridgewood Moving Services!

Q. When you and your husband originally bought Ridgewood Moving Services, what was the plan with respect to how the work would be divided between you?

Rob worked for Ridgewood Moving when he had gotten out of the military in the ’80s. We were married in 1985, when I was still in the fashion industry. In 1987, we bought the business. He ran it, and I was a vice president, just by title only.

And then in 1988 when I got pregnant and had my first daughter, I retired to raise a family. He ran the company from 1987 to 2005, when he passed away. He died of a heart attack. He was 47.

I don’t mean to be saying this in any light fashion, but it couldn’t have been a worse time because June, July and August is the busiest, busiest time in the moving industry. So it was a very crazy summer to say the least.

Q. After your husband died, you could have sold the company or hired someone to run it. Why did you decide to take it over yourself?

There were a lot of factors. There’s a sense of pride with this company that has been nestled in the community for so long. I had a feeling of responsibility for the employees who had been working for the company.

I had a responsibility to my own children to show them that we’ll be OK and that I can do it. That was our livelihood, so I really wanted to try to make a go of it. …. You’re a little bit in shock when it all happens, and you feel that you can do it, and then reality hits you.

Q. What was the reality that hit you?

Reality hits you like: I am thrust in a business that I know nothing about in an industry I know nothing about. And I didn’t know anything about running a business. I had to learn not only how to run a company and deal with employees and bills and all the stuff that goes along with owning a business.

Q. How did you learn?

I called on some neighboring moving companies. I called on the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association to get support from them. It was really day-to-day absorbing processes and seeing how things flowed within the company.

Q. It’s surprising that neighboring moving companies were willing to help you. Weren’t they your competition?

Actually, anybody I ever called within the industry was very supportive. Many knew Rob and respected him and the business.

There were a lot of naysayers about women, especially about the wife running a company, but I don’t think it was the competition. It might have been some of my own employees and people looking in. But for the most part, I found overall great support from anybody I reached out to within my own industry.

Q. So at the beginning, you felt that you didn’t have the support of some of your employees?

You’ve got people who do things a certain way, they’re always used to doing that. Not only was I coming in as a new manager, I was a woman, and I was also the wife of the owner who never ran a moving company before. So I think there was a lot of dissension within the troops. I had, at that time, difficulty reeling them in.
Q. How did you overcome that?

I started joining different networking groups. I joined a women’s presidents organization. I started getting involved with the association in my state. I started developing more confidence by aligning myself outside of my work environment with professionals — women and men. I allied myself with a van line offering us the opportunity to move people out of state. I joined CEO round tables of commerce and industry to align myself with other business leaders.

I had to surround myself with like-minded individuals who supported my vision and direction for the company.

When I took over the business, I realized I had to find something in this moving company that I could connect to. What I found was what we’re doing is we’re moving lives, and that’s a really important job.

It’s the third-most stressful event that occurs in someone’s life: death, divorce, moving. We can be a resource to these clients — if they need a plumber or painter or a tag-sale person or whatever, I can recommend them. And we can do a lot of philanthropic things.


Cindy for Interview

Q. What philanthropic work do you do?

When people have too much furniture, we can donate it. Instead of having people throw out food when they’re moving, I have them put the food in a box, and we’ll bring it up to the Center for Food Action. When Superstorm Sandy happened, I used some of my trucks to bring supplies to a shelter. We also used my warehouse as a hub for collecting goods to bring to Little Ferry and Moonachie and areas like that.

Combining what I do in moving people’s lives and helping be a part of a community, I’ve been able to really enjoy what I do. My people know our core values. They know that we’re more than just a moving company; that we want to be a total resource when people are moving.

Q. You mentioned earlier that you had to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, not people stuck in the past. Did you have to fire people?

After I started feeling that I was on solid ground and I felt more confident, I started letting people go. I started firing people who didn’t support me. I had guys taking trucks and doing side jobs and doing all sorts of things, and I did a big timeout. I pulled a meeting with all the guys, and I said, “If you don’t like the way I’m running things, then there’s the front door.”

I had to do a real overhaul of what type of people I was bringing into this company, and it all paid off. I have a staff meeting every week. I have a sales meeting every week. We have a daily huddle with the movers, and I have monthly meetings with the movers. And we bring people in for presentations. I’ve brought in chiropractors, financial advisers, insurance people, all into to talk to my staff and my moving professionals.

Q. It sounds like you’re offering a lot of innovative things to your staff as well as to your customers. Because of what you’re spending on such initiatives, does that make you less competitive on the prices you’re charging your customers?

I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for and that in order to bring in the right professionals you have to pay them handsomely. You can still be competitive, but people need to be leery of the lowest-priced mover or any type of professional. You wonder what are they paying their labor in order to make their price that low.

I have full-time moving professionals who have benefits, health care, vacations, incentives that make them veterans in their industry. That’s who you want with your trusted belongings.

Q. There was a time when your business was in rough shape. How did you turn it around?

When I took over the business, the company was bleeding. What the company was paying out was more than what the company was making. After about a year, I started having to look at every vendor, every expense that we had and compare prices, whether it was insurance, phone, pretty much everything, line by line, by looking at every single thing and working with a strong accountant.

Take insurance, for example. When I took over the company, my husband had been working with the same insurance agent for like, 20 years. You get complacent. And if you don’t shop around, you don’t know if you’re overpaying or not. So when I started comparing insurance companies, I cut that in half by just shopping around and finding a company that was used to insuring moving companies.

Improving safety and training was also important. If you are moving and you’re breaking a lot of things and you’re paying out claims, that’s not a good thing. If you train and get the right people onboard who know how to pack and protect the items and your claims go down, your revenues go up.

Q. How does your being a woman affect your business today?

Moving is a male-dominated industry. People think of movers and owners of moving companies as these big, burly guys. So when I took over the company, it surprised some people that I even wanted to make a go of it. I used being a woman as an advantage.

In a lot of the residential moves, you’re meeting with the wife. So having women deal with other women, we understand the needs, and we have the attention to detail.

Q. Any negatives?

I think women in many industries have to prove themselves even harder than a man because it’s assumed that a man can do it — and with a woman, it’s: “Well, I don’t know … we’ll see about it.” We just have to work a little bit harder.

Q. Ridgewood Moving Services was certified as a woman-owned business. What does that do for you?

Fortune 500 companies have money set aside for woman- or minority-owned businesses. Being certified as a woman-owned business allows me to go after that. I have been a certified woman-owned business for about seven years. I like the title more, as I’m proud to be a woman-owned business. I think I get more of a pride factor than I get business out of it.

Q. You’ve said that you want to be a comfort to your clients during what’s typically a stressful time in their lives. Besides offering contractor recommendations and donation suggestions, how does a moving company offer comfort?

I go to senior centers and talk about the moving process and try to guide people who are starting to think about it. I do a Moving Magic class with colleague of mine at the Ridgewood Community School, so that people can go who are thinking of moving. We give them guidelines and organizational tips on the process of moving. We try to educate our customers, so we talk to them about how to choose the right mover and what the steps are in the moving process. On my website, I try to add all different types of informational guidelines — from packing tips to storage solutions.

On a lot of senior moves, I like to go personally. And we know we’re going to need to allocate about two hours with a senior. They might want to tell us stories. They have a lot of questions. I actually bring a binder that I give them. And I have them store all their important papers about moving or anything else they need in there, so they have one place to put all their stuff. I also will write to-do lists for them.

Q. What goals do you have?

One day I’d like to have my own building. I’ve been leasing a 15,000-square-foot facility in Mahwah for 10 years, and I just renewed my lease. I love where I am, and I love this area, but I would love to own my own building one day.

I’d like to eventually be a spokeswoman for the industry. I’d like to get involved on a national level. I like to support other women, so I would go into helping young women entrepreneurs grow their business on a consulting level at some point.

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Rolling River Day Camp Collects Food Donations for Move For Hunger

Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) is always trying to find ways to support others, which is why we’ve assisted nonprofit organizations like Move For Hunger to make a difference in the world. When clients have nonperishable food items that they no longer need, they can choose to donate them to Move For Hunger so it can go to someone that needs it. Move For Hunger also follows its mission by throwing events to collect donations and spread awareness about the organization. For example, they are partnering with Rolling River Day Camp in New York to collect food donations!

The event will be held on August 14 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. The camp will be collecting food at 477 Ocean Avenue, East Rockaway, Oceanside, NY 11518. They will be throwing an end-of-summer Hip Hop Night, so plenty of fun will be had if you attend! Here’s an excerpt from the original post on the Move For Hunger blog:

“School is out and summer has begun! However, without the help of a guaranteed school lunch, many children struggle to get enough to eat throughout the summer months. Hunger does not take a summer vacation, and Rolling River Day Camp of East Rockaway, NY hopes to help.


Last year, the Rolling River Day Camp donated an incredible 400 lbs. of non-perishable food items to its local food bank, helping to feed the thousands of children who struggle to find food throughout the summer months. The smallest donation makes a massive impact on ending summer hunger. We hope to see you there!”

Does this sound like something you would want to attend? If so, you can find out more information on Move For Hunger’s blog. You can also find out about Rolling River Day Camp by visiting their website. Remember, as stated above, even small donations help and can make a difference in a person’s life!

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Support the Center of Hope and Safety at the Golf Classic

A lot of raving fans of Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers) are familiar with the Center of Hope and Safety (previously Shelter Our Sisters). This is because we are huge supporters of this nonprofit organization’s mission to stop domestic violence and make the world a safer place. Not only do they have a 24-hour hotline in order to provide immediate help to those who are suffering, they also give victims a place to stay and rehabilitate themselves. As a result, Ridgewood Moving has proudly supported this organization for many years.

The Center for Hope and Safety often throws events to spread awareness about its mission. The most recently announced event is for their Annual Golfing Classic event, which is being held at the Englewood Country Club in River Vale, NJ. Participants will experience 18 holes of golf, lunch, cocktails, dinner, prizes, and a silent auction. So, even if you don’t like playing golf, there’s still plenty to do!

Golf Outing

Not only will you be able to enjoy a variety of activities at the Englewood Country Club, all the proceeds help the Center for Hope and Safety! This will help it provide aid to those that are in need. The event starts on October 1, but it’s important to sign up early to reserve a spot! You can register online by clicking here.

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July Testimonials

Every month, we at Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) compile a list of the testimonials sent in by our raving fans. Last month, we looked at some of the best reviews that were featured on Yelp. In a similar fashion, we’ll now look at some of the best reviews we’ve received on Facebook.

Yes, not only can you follow our posts and like us on Facebook, you can also review us there as well! Most people think of popular sites like Angie’s List when it comes to reviews, but Facebook is still an important part of the testimonials we receive. Writing a review is one of the best ways one can support our moving company and become one of our raving fans!


If you would like to help get more raving fans on our Facebook page, you can write a review for us by clicking here. Without further ado, here are this month’s testimonials:

Jade Yesim Gunver — 5 stars — “I can’t thank enough to Ridgewood Moving, cause they make the whole moving experience so easy and comfortable for us. I believe they are all unique, starting from Cindy Myer, the owner to each staff member they are there to help you. So I highly recommend their service, you will thank me later.”

Robert Hermansen — 5 stars — “Best mover in the area. Cindy and her staff are wonderful. The movers are courteous, prompt and work quickly and diligently with your possessions. You will not find a better moving company. Have used them multiple times to move and to move heavy items. Highly recommend them. 5 Stars!!!!!”

Archer Katz — 5 stars — “We love Ridgewood Moving Company! We have used them several times and they always do an amazing job. I recommend them to anyone looking for reliable movers.”

Peter Branigan — 5 stars — “None better than RMS, period.”

If you want to be featured on a future blog post, then leave us a testimonial or a review. You can do so on our testimonials page, Yelp, Google +, or Angie’s List. Let your voice be heard! If you write us a testimonial, you have a good chance of being featured on next month’s post. Thanks for reading everyone!

Home Instead Senior Care Fights Senior Scams by Spreading Awareness

At Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving), we support all organizations that exist to better our local community. Primarily, we work with nonprofit organizations like the Center for Hope and Safety and Move For Hunger, but we also aid other organizations when they need support. One such organization is Home Instead Senior Care, which is an elderly care organization that is now on a mission to prevent the senior community from being scammed.

There’s a good reason why Home Instead Senior Care is doing this: there have been many articles and news stories about seniors being scammed as of late, generating a need for awareness on the issue. As a result, Home Instead Senior Care have compiled a list of scams that seniors should be on the lookout for and are trying to spread the word about this issue.

Ridgewood Moving Services is doing its part by bringing this issue to your attention. If you know anyone that can benefit from this information, please send them the following diagram:


For more information about Home Instead Senior Care, please visit their website. If you are a raving fan of Ridgewood Moving Services, then leave us a testimonial or a review! You can do so on our testimonials page, Yelp, Google +, or Angie’s List. Every review helps us out, so please consider choosing one of the links above. Thanks for reading everyone!