Taking Over a Moving Business

When my husband died I didn’t think twice about taking over the moving business. It was a matter of pride.  Ridgewood Moving meant so much to so many people.  The reputation was there, the people that worked for the company were there and my family’s livelihood was there.

I had no experience in running a moving business.  My background was in Fashion, as a buyer.  However, I had the will to survive and some acquired leadership skills from my roles within the community.  Ok simple enough………not!

As great as Rob was at building this company, he kept much information to himself.  He was Sales, Operations and so much more.  The day to day operations were handled but much piled on his desk waiting for answers.  I give him so much credit for building this company from a “two man and a truck” operation to a Moving and Storage Company.  He worked very hard, was very persistent, charming, extremely generous, and could sell a job like no other……….but was a one man show.

Rob Myer

When I took over the helm, it was a very difficult culture on many levels.  The company just lost their leader, the staff was resistant to change and Ridgewood Moving’s Sales person just died. I was not embraced as someone keeping the company going but viewed as Rob’s wife “who had no idea what she was doing”.

One of the first orders of business I felt, was to send a message out to the community and industry that Ridgewood Moving suffered a great loss; however, Ridgewood Moving would move forward.  I wanted it known to the competitors who may seek opportunity, clients that knew our name and reputation, as well as to the employees who could still in vision a future;

Immediately following Rob’s death I addressed the Movers.  There was indeed, a feeling of “moving forward” and I felt pretty good about the support from the crew.  The main “foreman” was someone that had been with the company for 17 years, basically growing up at Ridgewood Moving Services.  Rob and I assisted him in purchasing his first house, so there was a level of trust and comfort knowing that he was leading the pack.

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Taking Over a Moving Business — 5 Comments

  1. Cindy! I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through, but applaud you for “keeping on” and continuing to run the business! The moving industry needs more “women owned AND operated” moving companies! I know you’ll make Rob happy! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration!

  2. Cindy,
    You and you staff did a great job when you moved our business last May! Mike, Steve and all the guys were excellent. They cared about us, our move and our furniture! I would reccomend you to all my friends and associates for sure. Thanks.

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