First Steps in Moving Business

June 2005 was a very busy season. Typically, June, July and August are the busiest months in the moving industry.  The housing market was at an all time high, so we were slammed with moves.  I worked 6 days a week along with the movers.  I came in on Saturday’s with a baseball cap on and dispatched the crews.  Many times the movers would come in late or not at all.  I soon realized that pay day on Friday lead to too much play Friday night.  I shortly changed pay day to Saturday.

July 2005 our landlord informed us that he sold the building and we had to move out by the end of the year.  One month running a business, with no resources and I have to find a new place.  I called the one person I knew in commercial real estate in NYC.  He referred me to a colleague in NJ and the search began.

This is a staff letter I sent out that time: I scanned the letter in two pages, RMS 1 RMS 2

Meanwhile, I am trying to run a business that is having serious cash flow issues.  I received a call one day from a consulting firm out of Massachusetts who assured me that they could assist me with structure and financial planning.  I hired them and a team came in and observed, talked to the staff and took a lot of notes.  The one comment they said to me that sticks to mind is “Most people call us for help to make the phones ring, your phones are ringing but from there you need help”.  Ok, that’s why you are here!  So, they came in day after day, dollar after dollar for a couple of weeks.  At the end of the day all I gained were some job descriptions and a shrinking bank account.

I began to have weekly meetings with the staff and movers.  I hired my brother to go out on estimates and our “Foreman” went out as well.

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