Food Drive

I have written about Move For Hunger in the past, praising it for making great donations to local food banks. Cindy Myer, our CEO, has been graciously helping them out by asking her clients to donate nonperishable items that they … Continue reading

Inspirational Women in Business Luncheon

For a while, I’ve been blogging nonstop about the PowerPoint presentation I had to make for Cindy’s upcoming speech. Well, after over a month of work, it’s finally finished! Because of this milestone, I’d like to take some time to … Continue reading

Retrospective: Rebuilding Ridgewood Moving Services

If you know the history of Ridgewood Moving Services, then you probably know about the back-story of how Cindy Myer took over the business. When the previous owner, Rob Myer, passed away, he left Ridgewood Moving to his wife. Even … Continue reading

Floor Protection

There are a lot of different intricacies in our moving methodology that help set us apart from other low quality moving companies. For instance, look at something like floor protection. Protecting a floor from damages seems like a no-brainer for … Continue reading

Ridgewood Moving Services vs. Ridgewood Movers

Throughout my time at Ridgewood Moving Services, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon in which our clients refer to us as Ridgewood Movers. Since 1966, we have always referred to ourselves as Ridgewood Moving Services and have never shortened the name … Continue reading