The Stress Free Commercial Move 

We have earned the reputation of providing high quality, low stress moves for our customers.  We are well versed and experienced in addressing the intricacies a corporate move entails; beginning with organization and project management, available 24/7 during the entire process; packing and prepping office materials, storage closet and furniture. We offer a 100% turnkey move and we value our customer’s time and know that the firm needs to be in full operation expeditiously and efficiently.  

Click here to download our Corporate Moving Services white paper. 

  • Seasoned management staff with over 75 years of office moving experience to plan and budget the project and to be on site to manage the project.
  • Trained, uniformed, full time employment movers assigned to every project.
  • A modern, fireproof, containerized and fully secured and central station alarmed for fire and theft storage facility.
  • Expert planning, color coding floor plans and tagging of all items to be moved.
  • Provide specialized cartons and packing materials for files and contents of employee work areas.
  • Crews available for daytime, nighttime or weekend moves.
  • Specialty wrapping and packing of artwork, high value antiques and specialty furniture items.
  • Specialty materials handling equipment (dollies, jacks, library bins, panel carts etc.)
  • Specialty wrapping and packing of medical equipment, computer and IT equipment.
  • Insurance coverage for building owners and landlords and indemnification declarations for client.
  • Post move involvement for changes after "move-in” is completed.
  • Disposal of unused furniture, files, or IT equipment as per required recycling laws.
  • Organize and manage a purge campaign to eliminated outdate documents using recycling or shredding services.

It is vital to your organization to have as little down-time as possible, so we strive to make your move take place as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our team of professional, experienced movers will provide careful, detailed assistance to ensure the timely move of your entire office - guiding you through the various phases of your move.

What would make your move easier? How about:

  • Complete preparation and dis-assembly of all offices, conference room space and administrative functions and files.
  • Multiple locations and storage requirements as needed
  • Commercial tagging of all items
  • Provide packing material and boxes for each employee’s personal items
  • Weeknight and weekend moves as needed
  • Wrapping and protection of all critical items
  • Use of Book Utility and Office Machine Carts
  • Special handling of all IT equipment including computers, servers, printers, etc.
  • Providing all permits, licenses, insurance and indemnification agreements
  • Post move follow-up assisting employees with any adjustments of furniture, artwork and assembly as needed
  • Handle unwanted furniture to recycling and complete clean-up of all boxes and packing materials.