VIP Moves From Ridgewood Moving

Ridgewood Moving Services has moved celebrities, sports figures, and public officials, and we pride ourselves in our discretion and confidentiality. 

Ridgewood Moving in the process of moving the Les Paul Collection to the Mahwah Museum, Mahwah NJ.

Nobody understands what you're going through during this transition, except you! If your time is spent in the public spotlight, we know that you have little time for handling the stress of moving your entire home, and your life, to a new location. Of course, if those details aren't taken care of well in advance of your big day, you can quickly become frustrated with the moving process.

With 40+ years experience, Ridgewood Moving has moved celebrities, sports figures, and public officials to many areas of the United States. In addition, we pride ourselves on being discreet - so you won't see your name posted all over the local newspapers or blogs telling the world when you are moving, nor will we ever use your name to promote ourselves without your explicit permission.

The most important aspect is ensuring that your move goes as seamlessly and discreetly as possible. That involves:

If you are getting ready to move yourself, or your team needs the assistance of a mover with experience in taking care of very important persons, consider Ridgewood Moving Services!

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