When do you consider it essential to hire a moving company to move items?
What type of items shouldn’t you try to move yourself?
When packing fragile items, how important it is to choose the right box?
Should the item fit tightly, should you choose a much bigger box, etc.?
How sturdy should the box should be, and how can you make it sturdier?
Should you line the box before putting a fragile item inside? What should you use to line/pad the box?
How do I move a large flat screen TV?
What are mirror cartons, shrink wrap, and moving pads used for?
How can I be sure sensitive items receive extra care?
Are all storage contracts long-term?
How do I choose a moving company?
How do I apply for a quote?
What will an estimate cost?
Is Ridgewood Moving a residential or commercial mover?
Does Ridgewood Moving operate outside of Bergen County?
Where exactly is the Ridgewood Moving storage facility in New Jersey?
Can I visit the Ridgewood Moving Services office?