Moving Services

Ridgewood Moving Services (RMS) provides an array of ancillary services to ensure you have a well-planned, organized, and pleasant moving experience.

Packing and Unpacking Services

RMS_packingRidgewood Moving Services (RMS) has an experienced team dedicated solely to packing, crating and unpacking our residential moves, whether you’re moving a block away or across the country. So, if you don’t have the time to pack your belongings for a move—or just want someone else to do it—call on RMS with confidence. We bring all the needed supplies and organize and label all your possessions. After your move, we can unpack for you as well so you have time for all the other things that will help you settle into your new home.

Should you decide to do your own packing, RMS is still a valuable resource. We offer a wide array of boxes and other packing supplies and provide all our clients with useful packing guidelines. In addition, our clients are welcome to visit our facility at any time for a one-on-one lesson on efficient packing.

To learn more about our packing services, call us today at 201.529.2211.

Packing properly is essential for a successful move. Click here for helpful tips on packing.

Moving Supplies

RMS_SuppliesA successful and stress-free move requires the right moving supplies. Ridgewood Moving Services (RMS), your one-stop moving resource, has all the tools, equipment, and supplies needed to optimize your moving experience—all at affordable prices.

As noted in our Moving Timeline and Checklist, the packing process should begin months before you vacate your home. You should decide at this time whether you want to do your own packing or hire professionals to do it for you. Either way, RMS is your best resource. We offer full packing, crating, and unpacking services, as well as a full assortment of packing supplies for do-it-yourselfers.

Smart Start Kit

Start your packing with the right tools at an excellent price!  The ideal package for the initial phases of packing, our Smart Start Kit includes an assortment of different sized boxes, paper for packing and crating delicate items, and sealing tape to secure the boxes. Our kit includes:

  • 5 small boxes (for books, records, canned goods, etc.)
  • 5 medium boxes (for pots, pans, linens, etc.)
  • 5 large boxes (for blankets, pillows, bulky items)
  • 3 dish packs (for dishes, breakables, serving ware, etc.)
  • Unprinted newsprint (for wrapping fragile items)
  • 2 rolls of sealing tape

Total cost of the kit is $60.00, including tax — a savings of more than $30.00 if items were purchased individually!

Ridgewood Moving Services offers a wide assortment of traditional and specialty moving supplies, including:

Boxes Small, medium, and large boxes for your general packing needsle
Specialty Boxes For unique or delicate items, including:

  • Dish packs for china, breakables, and dishware
  • Wardrobe boxes with a center post for hanging important fabrics and clothing
  • Mirror boxes for mirrors, artwork, flat screen TVs, glass table tops, and other flat items
  • Custom crating for any usually shaped items that need protection
Other Supplies
  • Paper pads to protect surfaces that may be scratched during moving
  • Shrink wrap to protect cloth and upholstery on furniture or other items

For more information on our full range of packing and moving supplies, call us at 201.529.2211.