Short-term and Long-term Storage

Ridgewood Moving Storage WarehouseMost of us have a need to store our belongings at some point for one reason or another—either waiting for a new home to be built, putting on an addition, re-decorating, staging a property, or just needing some extra space. Ridgewood Moving Services (RMS) has a storage solution that will meet your needs, whether you require short- or long-term storage of your belongings.

Take the worry out of storing your belongings with Ridgewood Moving Services, the choice of many community residents and interior designers, who give rave reviews to our storage receiving, inventory, and delivery services. Rest assured that we will store all of your belongings with the care and protection they deserve.

Our Facility

Your possessions will be stored securely in our pristine, climate-controlled, 15,000-sq.ft facility in Mahwah, NJ. You’ll get the most from your space thanks to our custom-built containerized storage system, which uses the most efficient storage methods to maximize the use of your space. Our experts will handle your belongings as if they were their own, carefully wrapping and preparing them with special brown paper, blankets and/or shrink wrap so they can be stored safely and protected from humidity.

Whatever your storage need, Ridgewood Moving Services is the best choice. Remember, if it’s valuable to you, it’s important to us!

For guidance on how to select the right storage facility for your needs, click here.